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10 Week Horse Centered Course

The HorseCentered Course is designed to deepen your understanding of your horse's communication and refine the way you interact with your horse, using a horse-centered approach.

If you have frustrations with your horse and aren't exactly sure why your horse acts a certain way, this course is for you!

Equine body language, prey response, and basic behavior modification techniques are all covered, including a segment on using positive reinforcement safely. Several lessons are dedicated to helping students prioritize their relationships with their horses and shift to a more HorseCentered perspective.


Lessons in this course include:

  1. Quality Time

  2. Warning Signs

  3. Listen and Learn

  4. Attention to Detail

  5. Level Up Your Leading

  6. Carrot or Stick

  7. Food Factors

  8. A Scary Situation

  9. Action Plans

  10. You Be the Horse

When you enroll you will receive an itinerary that outlines the goals, objectives, and plan for each class day. This course is in person only!

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