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Program Overview

Students follow a levels-based equestrian curriculum within our riding academy, where they work through the ranks to achieve equestrian success, both in the saddle and working with horses unmounted. Our Professional instructors teach the fundamentals of dressage and hunt seat riding using a comprehensive curriculum that ensures consistency across all riding levels.

Each level has been designed to provide students a solid foundation in their horsemanship, not only in riding but also equine knowledge. This encourages students to build a strong understanding of compassion, teamwork, leadership, confidence, and work ethic.

Students are recognized for their success at annual awards ceremonies, where they receive certificates, ribbons, and awards for their hard work, along with consistent recognition on our Student Success Board posted in the barn.

Progression through the levels unlocks privileges, such as

  • Beach Rides

  • Shows

  • Hunter Paces

  • Extended Barn Days

  • Barn Field Trips

  • & more


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